Eyebrow Embroidery - Semi Permanent Make Up


Frame your best features with the art of facial definition. Compliment your features with Eyebrow Embroidery for the natural look or Powder Brow for a semi permanent make up look.



Be the best version of you with an individual look to enhance your features, making you beautiful and feel confident.


Sherise has been working in the beauty industry for 15 years & has specialised in eyebrows for the past 7 years. Having trained extensively in the very latest techniques in brow artistry, & studied eyebrow design extensively she is skilled at creating facial symmetry through brow definition. Sherise believes that eyebrows have a transformative effect on the face & prides herself on providing the optimal brow shape for each individual. The unique bone structure & contour of your face will play a huge part in the look and shape of your brows – every person is different and so are your eyebrows.

Sherise has worked with many clients who have suffered hair loss due to illness or cancer treatment. She has seen first-hand the positive impact brow artistry can have in helping women look good & feel better, believing there’s never a time to stop growing. My goal is helping women reach a balanced & everyday beauty. I am passionate about creating a defined natural effect that adds confidence & definition to every face.

What is unique about my technique?
Having worked in beauty salons with semi-permanent eyebrows for 7 years I’ve seen many different techniques used to create the effect, over the years I have combined these effects to create that perfect balance. As an artist I’ve created my own signature style of creating a natural brow by combining these techniques, Microblading as its known is applied by using a manual hand tool, giving a more natural & feathered look where Powder Brow is achieved by using a motorised hand tool giving a powered makeup look, I have combined both these techniques to create my own personal look, & don’t worry as both are gentle on the skin.