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Eyebrow Embroidery - Semi Permanent Make Up

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Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery - Semi Permanent Make Up
If you like the natural look and feel that your brows lack definition eyebrow embroidery is the art and science of giving you back your brows. Using precision, measurement, angles and arcs and a semi-permanent procedure, eyebrow embroidery is a unique method of placing pigment between the epidermal and dermal layer.

Eyebrow embroidery is a unique method of placing pigment between the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. I believe that in order to keep your look fresh a top-up is advised every 12 months.

The treatment is done using a hand tool and results are natural-looking, hair-like strokes and a fuller brow. Eyebrows can be thickened or existing brows darkened, enhancing your natural features, with skin undertone and client expectations taken into account at every stage of the treatment.


Your first consultation begins with a discussion of the shape and colour of your preference. Your unique bone structure and contour of your face will play a huge part in the look and shape of your brows.

Your first consultation takes 1.5 – 2 hours with the first 45 minutes dedicated to the consultation and the remaining time for the procedure. After 4 weeks you return to the clinic for a follow–up appointment (30 minutes) to review and assess the treatment and touch up colour.


This treatment is suitable for eyebrows that are too light, too thin, too sparse or nonexistent, Alopecia, Bridal Makeup for Brides to Be, Pale Complexion or little time to apply pencil every day. It is also suitable pre-chemo or 5 weeks post-chemo treatment. My goal is to create designs that are not only natural but enhance your existing features and appearance.

Note: Sherise may combine both techniques (Powder Brow & Eyebrow Embroidery) to tailor suit your needs. Each & every design is unique to your facial symmetry & bone structure. 


€400.00 per treatment paid in two stages
First consultation €250.00 and Second €150.00
Top Ups (12 -18 Months) €150
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