Worried about losing your hair during chemotherapy? Here is how microblading can help you look absolutely gorgeous!

One of the things every woman is dreading while waiting for chemotherapy is losing her beautiful hair, lashes and brows. Don’t worry ladies, it is not as bad as it sounds! Remember that it is only temporary, because you WILL get your hair back and the beauty industry is there to help you fill the gaps! There are a million things you can do to look stunning even if you lose your real hair. Think wigs, hair extensions, chic 1920’s turbans, fake eyelashes and, of course, semi-permanent tattoos! Yes, there are fantastic make-up products that will help you look your best, even when you don’t feel like it, but there is also a new technique which is your perfect companion in fighting those unwanted effects of chemo. It is called microblading and everyone is crazy about it!

Why Microblading?

Microblading is popular worldwide, and people love it for a reason. Since it is a type of semi-permanent tattoo, the effect lasts for up to a year or two, you never have to worry about getting them removed. The colour won’t stay forever, but it won’t go away while you need it either. Another huge asset is that the brows look incredibly natural. Whether you have less hair or none at all, this eyebrow embroidery is your ideal solution, because it doesn’t seem overly artificial. Fine, thin blades are used to draw and reconstruct your brows hair by hair, it is a filigree work that seems very realistic! A small, disposable pen is perfect for drawing fine lines and beauticians are using a natural dye which penetrates into layers of your skin creating a lasting effect. It is just what you need while waiting for your natural hair to grow back!

This technique is recommended to patients who have already lost or are about to lose their hair due to chemotherapy because the colour won’t wash off like regular make-up. During chemo, you might be sweating more than usual and with semi-permanent brows, you will never have to worry whether the colour is still there.

And don’t forget that your brows are a very important feature, because they are framing your face! Those perfectly groomed brows will make you look fresh, styled and glam even when you are feeling down and can’t even be bothered to put make-up on. Treat yourself with new eyebrows because you deserve this! If you look better, you will also feel better, and battling a serious illness really requires you to be positive. Microblading will instantly lift your mood, boost your self-confidence and make you feel proud of yourself.

Microblading before Chemotherapy

It is best to have your brows microbladed before chemotherapy, because this is a great way to prevent the whole hair loss drama. With perfectly tattooed brows, you won’t even notice that your real ones are gone!

During the chemo, it is not recommendable to undertake any procedures, because your tissue is sensitive and you are prone to bleeding as well as infections. Ideally, you will have your first appointment scheduled well before the chemotherapy commences.

When to do it? Try to book your first session six to eight weeks prior, because you will have enough time for a touch-up a month later and the healing process that can last for a few weeks. Even though you might not even need a second appointment, it is definitely better to leave enough time to do a touch-up just in case you end up deciding that you need it after all. It is common to have a follow-up session after one month, because the colour tends to fade up to 50 or even 70% during this period. After the second appointment, you won’t need to do anything for at least one year.

When is the latest you can book your appointment before the chemotherapy? A week before chemo is probably the last moment to do it, because this leaves you enough time to recover after the procedure. If you need a touch-up, you can postpone it a little bit and wait until you finish the therapy.


Microblading after Chemotherapy

Alternatively, you can also have your brows microbladed after the chemotherapy. Make sure to speak to your nurse before you do it, because she will give you the best advice on when to schedule an appointment. In many cases, it is recommendable to wait a few weeks before you do any aesthetic procedure such as a semi-permanent tattoo.

Waiting this long means you might start losing your hair before you can actually do anything about it, but don’t worry because it is never too late to be beautiful! The whole process of having your brows done is going to be so rewarding and uplifting, and you will walk out of your beauty salon fully transformed!

If you have just a few days before the chemo, it is best to wait until the therapy is over. Once you are done with that, you can relax and start thinking about all those less important things in life such as your brows!

What to Expect?

The procedure itself is not painful because your skin will be treated with a numbing cream and you won’t feel the blade. Just sit back, relax and let your beautician do the job. Since it is a very meticulous process, it might take up to one or even two hours to draw all those fine little lines.

After the procedure, your brows will be picture-perfect and ready for a selfie as soon as you go out of the salon! The healing process will take about a week and after that, your brows might be a little itchy at times. Don’t forget that you must cover them when having a shower or washing your hair because they shouldn’t get wet during this period.

Be aware that the colour will be pretty dark in the beginning, but don’t worry about it because it will start fading quite soon. It may actually become too pale after one month, and in case this happens, you can go back to the salon for a follow-up session.

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