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Powder Brow - Semi Permanent Make Up

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Powder Brow

Powder Brow - Semi Permanent Make Up
If you are someone who wants a fuller brow with a more defined “make-up look” the powder brow mimics the appearance of natural brow make-up. This is also known as Micro-pigmentation. Using a machine and permanent make-up techniques pigments are permanently inserted into the dermal of the skin for a defined soft, shaded shape.

Using an artist’s touch, fully disposable tools, numbing cream to eliminate any discomfort and 100% organic pigments each semi permanent make up treatment is exclusive to you and your first consultation begins with a discussion of the shape and colour of your preference. Your unique bone structure and contour of your face will play a huge part in the look and shape of your brows.


Your first consultation takes 1.5 – 2 hours with the first 45 minutes dedicated to the consultation and the remaining time for the procedure. After 4 weeks you return to the clinic for a follow –up appointment (30 minutes) to review and assess the treatment and touch up the colour.

Note: Sherise may combine both techniques (Powder Brow & Eyebrow Embroidery) to tailor suit your needs. Each & every design is unique to your facial symmetry & bone structure. 


€430.00 per treatment paid in two stages
First consultation €250.00 and Second €180.00
Top Ups (18 -24 Months) €150
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