Wedding Makeup Looks for 2018

In our collective imagination, the bride’s face is always covered with a veil. And although today veils do not cover as much as they used to, and they’re not even a must, when you imagine a bride, her face is always in some kind of a fog – blocked out by the veil, the large brilliant dress and the flowers in her hands.

Nevertheless, although it’s not immediately apparent, the bride’s facial expression is what actually tells a story at the end of the day. A story about the emotions, the excitement, and perhaps the exhausting work of preparing a celebration.

Naturally, when talking about the face, the wedding makeup is what will add the finishing touches and frame the face and everything it contains. Going out to say your vows with no makeup is extremely rare. Even a natural look demands some attention and choosing and applying a particular natural makeup style.

Last but not least, the makeup is also what determines what the bride will look like in the wedding photos – precious memories that will be passed on to the next generations.

While there are certain evergreen combinations, general makeup trends always find their way into wedding makeup styles. With weddings though, trends have to be specially considered and filtered, so they could fit the wedding outfit, the ceremony and the personality of the bride.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting and most engaging wedding makeup trends for 2018.

Red Lipstick


When it comes to wedding trends of all sorts, the New York Bridal Fashion Week is probably the most important global event. And the novelty that its latest edition has brought to us in the realm of makeup are bold red lips. Red lipstick is pretty much a new trend in wedding makeup guides.

Fairly simplistic wedding gowns are contrasted with striking blood red or dark red lips. This is an unusual passionate note, which opposes the usual innocent-looking bride stereotype. The fact that this makeup combination goes along with neatly pulled up hair makes the lips (and naturally the lipstick) the star of the show.

The biggest effect is achieved when multiple shades of lipstick – darker on the outer edges and lighter on the inner sections – are used to give the lips more depth. Red lipstick on your wedding day suggests bravery, passion and a lust for life. Who said that marriage was boring?

A Natural Look

wedding-makeup-natural-lookNatural beauty is back in all its glory. New York Bridal Fashion Week featured models with very discrete makeup, which uses natural tones to highlight the beauty and all the strong points of the brides’ face.

Clear skin, perhaps accompanied by a light blush, a minimalist approach to the eyes and nude or natural lips are all about celebrating the natural beauty of women on their wedding day. The ultimate point is to shine in your own skin – just slightly enhanced.

When combined with floral wedding dresses and floral accessories and ribbons, the natural look goes into another dimension – giving an ethereal, fairy-tale-like quality to the whole mix.

3D Makeup


Say goodbye to a flat look and covering up facial features. The 3D makeup trend is a natural style which aims to add depth to the face by pointing out specific features, and it is becoming more and more popular with brides.

The whole artistry of 3D is contained within careful foundation choice – multiple shades are used to create it; blush also gives a significant effect, with the final goal to point out the golden ratio of the face, or enhance it through subtle manipulation. It is especially suitable for women with small, soft facial features.



All of the styles mentioned above use light apple shading to achieve a beautiful, soft blush. So this light romantic blush will be a big thing in 2018. It works well with both dramatic and natural makeup looks, and when it comes to marriage, it carries a lovely message as well – because nothing says “I’m in love” more than rosy cheeks.

Golden Shadows


When it comes to makeup, in 2018, gold will be everywhere. It all started with Rihanna’s Trophy Wife golden highlighter. So naturally, bridal makeup can’t stay immune to this trend. Women with darker skin can apply it all over the face for a warm, sparkly feel, while those with paler skin tones use it around the eyes mostly.

Golden eyeshadows paired with light mascara, striking reddish lipstick, and a soft, pink hue on the apples of the cheeks is a winner when it comes to golden combinations. Depending on the hues, you can aim for a more subtle, romantic look, or a daring, passionate look dominated by stronger hues of a red or dark red lipstick and a more effective highlighting on the cheeks. Golden shadows will bring out the most of both styles.



According to relevant 2018 makeup guides, rhinestones and gems – applied to the face with lash glue – are the new rulers of the glitter world. Rhinestones are also a common addition to wedding dresses.

However, this is also a cause for caution. Wearing rhinestones on your dress as well as your face could result in overdoing it. That is why rhinestones as a part of your makeup go better with unusual wedding outfits – slightly eccentric, perhaps a bit hippie or mermaid-style, like something you would see in Rock’n’Roll Bride magazine. As for the rest of the makeup, rhinestones mix well with trendy, sharp, coloured graphic eyeliner.

A Goth Look

If you’ve always been in touch with your internal darkness, know that having a Goth outfit is perfectly fine in 2018 by all standards. Upon discovering your plans, if you happen to get complaints from your family and friends, just point out that Vogue has proclaimed that dark Goth and rock’n’roll makeup styles would go mainstream in the new year.

The dark look is defined by a lot of black shadow and eyeliner, usually combined with red, wine-coloured or dark lipstick. The outfit, of course, has to match the makeup – dark dresses are a must, black or those with darker tones of colours such as red, green, blue and purple. Wearing a white dress with this sort of makeup will make you look a bit like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Of course, Goth weddings do look a bit too eccentric and extreme for most people, so it’s not so wise to do it just because it’s trending. You might regret it later.

What’s your favourite wedding makeup style? Which one would you choose for your big day?

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