Wedding Guest Makeup Trends and Ideas

You have received a wedding invitation? How exciting! Let us help you create the perfect makeup style and look your absolute best, without outshining the bride. You’ve bought a gift for the newly-weds and you’ve decided what to wear, but are still not sure which makeup style to go for? From natural hues to trendy [...]

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Eyebrow trends for Fall/Winter

From richer than ever textures to Rihanna’s scandalous nineties-inspired razor-thin arches and revolutionary grooming products, here is what’s new in the world of brows! Ever since Cara Delevingne enchanted us with her boyish brows back in 2013, things have taken a new turn and we can’t seem to get enough of brow enhancing products and [...]

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The Latest Trends in Brow Makeup

From eyebrow embroidery and microblading to jewelled brows and a boyish, natural look, here are the coolest new trends you can try right now! You want to do something with your eyebrows and try something completely new, but you are not sure what’s fashionable at the moment? There is a myriad of great new products [...]

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The true cost of microblading your eyebrows

The true cost of microblading your eyebrows Do you have sparse eyebrows you would love to enhance but are put off by the cost of? I am going to use this blog to break down the cost a little, and hopefully demonstrate how it is huge value for money in the long run. The cost [...]


Welcome to Contour and my weekly blog updates on all things brow and bridal make-up related. I love giving a peek into my world and my customers tell me that they enjoy reading about it too. Each week I will be updating the blog with the goings on in the clinic and out and about [...]

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