From effortless and natural beauty to daring neon shades, the coming year is going to be full of new ideas to try. To help you decide what you might want to skip, and what seems like a good idea, we will guide you through all the emerging new makeup trends we know you’ll love in 2019!

All-Over Sparkle

From chunky particles to a shimmering glaze – glitter is still in, and it’s not the glitter you’ve seen on kitsch holiday ornaments or cheap children’s costumes. We’re talking about a new level of glitter: the grown-up, sophisticated way to sparkle.

A clear, natural face with barely any makeup can be spiced up with just a swipe of glittery eyeshadow over the lids to bring attention to your gaze. To make a statement, use bigger, chunkier pieces, and to add a subtle sheen, apply finer glitter. Golden shades, whether on their own or accompanied by a smoky eye, are especially popular, and will suit almost any skin tone. If you want to experiment with slightly bolder colours, try blues, pinks or lilacs!

Glowing Complexion

Glossy skin: a former enemy, but current ally. After years of matte foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows that will crack and peel after a long day, we started seeing dewy, hydrated and radiant skin everywhere. If this sounds good to you, don’t worry: it’s here to stay.

We have entered the era of “skincare before makeup” mentality, so throw away your powders and invest in the right moisturizers and cleansers. Never forget to hydrate your skin before applying any makeup, especially if your skin tends to be dry and flaky. Creamy, dewy highlighters have also become more popular than their powdery, aggressively blinding counterparts. It’s all about skin that shines from within without looking fake – even if you did help it get there.

girl wearing bold makeup

Dramatic Shades

Tired of the no-makeup makeup look? Spice things up with a bold pop of colour! Whether it’s on the eyes, lips or even the cheeks, a fun colour can add interest to the face without being over-empowering. Accentuate the eyes with a pop of saturated cobalt blue or green eyeshadow for some drama. Or maybe take a different approach, with iridescent shadows in shades of pearly white, purple or pink? The choices are endless, as long as you don’t go overboard. Remember: when playing with unnatural, eye-catching colours, you run the risk of turning playful into insane, so keep it simple!

Bold Eyeliner

There’s nothing cooler than a cat eye – but this time it comes with a twist. Forget about the classic cat eye and be playful with the shape and colour of your liner next year. Bold “negative space” looks; natural, “barely there” soft lines; simple, yet powerful minimalist swipes or graphic feline flicks that float above the eye crease – they all looked impressive on the runway and will surely look great on the streets, as well! Although black is always flattering and can’t go out of style, if you want to experiment, try a neon shade, like lime green, yellow or bright turquoise.

Pink & Orange

Afraid of bold colours, yet still feel experimental? Go for a more approachable palette this season: pinks and oranges have been all over the runways! Sheer and blended out or opaque and daring – the choice is yours. A faded pink on the highest points of the cheekbones will give a sweet, playful dimension to your face. Feeling inspired by the colours of the sunset? Eyelids flushed with a coat of bronze can be dreamy and elegant, while a brighter orange with a bold brow or accents of mustard yellow ooze with fearless optimism.

girl wearing red lip

The Red Lip

New trends can be inspiring, but also intimidating for some. If you like to stick to the basics, yet still be on trend, stick to the timeless classic: the red lip! Red may never go out of style, and for a good reason. It’s considered universally attractive and flattering on everyone.

Next season, a bright poppy or saturated cherry red lipstick with the rest of the face kept minimal, the classic French chic look, will be a great option for those who like to stick to the tried-and-true formula. For a more youthful look, try using the same lipstick as blush! Just a few gentle swipes blended into the cheeks can give you a healthy flush. The rest of the look can stay natural, with bare eyelids and beautiful brushed-out eyebrows.

Minimalistic Look

One trend that has been rapidly gaining popularity is a natural, minimal makeup look. Gone are the days of heavy foundation, clownish eyeshadows and eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn on with a sharpie: now it’s all about fresh-faced, romantic, “woke up like this” makeup that looks effortless and healthy instead of being dramatic and intimidating.

To achieve this look, start by taking care of your skin. Now that lightweight, dewy skin tints have replaced thick foundations and concealers, you need to make sure your skin is naturally clear and radiant. On the cheeks, cream blushes have replaced powdery ones, and for a reason: they blend right into your skin and make you look youthful and awake. Lips can either be kept simple and glossy or slightly stained with red, peachy or berry tints. The eyebrows should be kept natural and bushy – brush them up or tint them with a brow gel.

The Perfect Brow

If there’s one thing the past decade will be remembered by in terms of makeup and beauty, it will certainly be eyebrows, so we can’t avoid mentioning them as we near the next decade, impatiently waiting to see what’s coming next. After all, is there any better way to celebrate the “brow decade” than to display them in their full glory next year? We don’t think so.

The “insta-brow” trend is finally fading away and giving way to a more natural look. Brows are full, brushed and textured, and never look like they were just sloppily pencilled in. If your eyebrows are too thin or sparse, you can either try to fix them by carefully drawing small, precise lines with a very thin brow pencil, or opt for a simpler solution: microblading. It’s the more natural looking type of eyebrow tattoo that gives the effect of real eyebrows due to the fineness of the needle and can last for over a year. Contour by Sherise specialises in creating a natural, feathered and wonderfully pigmented eyebrow look by combining two techniques – microblading and powder brow. This means that you can step into 2019 with perfect brows in place and a smile on your face!


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