Microblading is one of the best methods to achieve your dream brows! Here is what you need to know about this popular procedure.

Brow pencils, gels, pigments, stencils, tattooing: there are so many ways to enhance your eyebrows nowadays, but that fine and feather-like effect created by microblading is definitely one of the most popular trends right now. Maybe you have already noticed that celebrities and influencers are crazy about it and you are tempted to give it a try? It has quickly become a popular procedure throughout the world because it is an easy and painless way to get the perfect brows.

Not sure what microblading really is? It is actually semi-permanent make-up or ‘eyebrow embroidery’ as many beauty experts call it. Unlike so many other methods you may have heard about before, it creates a seamless and natural look because it uses pens with very thin, scalpel-like blades instead of conventional tattoo needles.

Facts about Microblading

What kind of look you can expect?

Unlike the smooth and artificial fill-in style created by other tattooing techniques, microblading actually produces a much more subtle and elusive trompe l’oeil effect. It is a mere optical illusion as your hand-painted brows are designed to mimic natural hairs and won’t be easily recognisable. The trick is to draw hairs in the direction of natural hair growth and make it extremely hard for people around you to spot the difference between the tattoo and actual hair.

How does it work?

Your cosmetician will basically hand-paint your new brows. This innovative technique is unique because it utilises mini blades that enable the greatest possible precision. The blading pen is filled with natural pigments that are harmless for your skin. The colour penetrates the surface of your skin but doesn’t go into deeper layers like it does if you are doing a classical tattoo. This is why the pigment remains fresh for a long time, but it does eventually fade away and completely disappear after a year or two.

The procedure is very meticulous and normally takes more than one hour to complete. The first step is to make a detailed drawing on your skin with a removable pencil. This is where you as a customer can be involved in the process and suggest the shape and style you want. A good cosmetician will suggest a specific shape and density of hair, but you can make any corrections you think are necessary.

After that, the entire eyebrow area is treated with a numbing cream to prepare you for the actual procedure. The final, and most important step is drawing the fine lines using a microblading pen. Before you even ask… no, it is not as scary as it sounds and it doesn’t hurt at all! You might feel a slight discomfort, but the procedure isn’t painful.

You can say that microblading is a type of art because every eyebrow is different and demands a talented cosmetician who can create a perfectly flattering shape and also draw the fine lines that resemble natural hair. You should look for an experienced professional with good credentials. When it comes to semi-permanent make-up, there is no point in saving money or looking for the cheapest services. You want it to be 100% safe and perfectly done, so invest in someone you can fully trust.

The complexity of the procedure itself is precisely what justifies the high price tag of microblading. Not everyone can do it and it takes a lot of time and effort to complete. And as the final result, you get gorgeous eyebrows you won’t need to fill-in each day. You will go to sleep with them every night, wake up with them every morning and there will be no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on all those brow grooming products.


After the Procedure

After you have finished with the procedure, your brows will instantly be ready for making selfies! The colour will, however, start fading away due to the healing process. Even though the healing process is slightly different for every person, don’t be afraid of this, because your skin is bound to recover quickly after this procedure. You need to remember that the initial colour will be a bit stronger, but it will fade over time.

Most people need a touch-up after a month because the colour can get reduced up to 70% by that time. But after you do another session, the colour will be much stronger and can last up to a year or even two years, depending on the type and quality of your skin.

This type of semi-permanent make-up is ideal for anybody who wants to reshape or reconstruct their brows, fill in gaps or add a bit of texture to places damaged by plucking. It is also suitable for those who have very thin or lightly-coloured brows, because the optical illusion effect enhances volume and adds more colour where it is needed. Even if you don’t have any brows, this method is perfectly suitable because the look you get doesn’t seem too artificial.

Most people who have tried microblading will tell you it is a good investment because you really get what you pay for. Imagine how much money you will save if you stop buying eyebrow products for a year! You will also save a lot of time in the morning as you skip a big step in your make-up routine! If you are one of those people who are pencilling-in their eyebrows every day, it will be a truly life-changing experience.

If you are considering doing a microblading treatment, Contour by Sherise is one of the best salons you can find. You will be in safe hands because Sherise has all the knowledge and experience you expect from a professional. She has been in the business for more than 15 years and has specialised in semi-permanent eyebrows for the past seven. She has learned all about the different techniques and has established her own style to enable the most natural and most durable look.

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