From richer than ever textures to Rihanna’s scandalous nineties-inspired razor-thin arches and revolutionary grooming products, here is what’s new in the world of brows!

Ever since Cara Delevingne enchanted us with her boyish brows back in 2013, things have taken a new turn and we can’t seem to get enough of brow enhancing products and eyebrow embellishments. They claim that she is to be blamed for the trend that has survived for 5 years.

Experts say that big brows are not going anywhere anytime soon, yet the biggest surprise of the season was Rihanna’s shocking makeup look for the cover of Vogue UK September issue. The superstar singer who never ceases to surprise us with her cutting-edge and thought-provoking style choices sported the dreaded super-thin brows that used to be popular in the times of dial-up internet access. Just when everyone thought that 90’s brows were buried forever and completely forgotten, they emerge again. But whether this actually proves to be one of the trends or not, textured, bushy eyebrows will continue to dominate.

And now that summer is finally over, it is time to dedicate more time to styling your brows, try out more new products and experiment with bolder makeup looks. While the hot summer weather demanded practical solutions that involved a minimum of work and plenty of waterproof eyebrow styling products, autumn and winter are ideal for experimenting and playing with your makeup looks. Runway shows for fall and winter 2018/2019 offer a myriad of innovative ideas, while stores are jam-packed with innovative brow products.

Fall/winter eyebrow trends

Richer Textures

Fall is the perfect time to start working on the texture of your eyebrows. Richer, fuller brows are very hip at the moment, and we have spotted them at Marc Jacobs, Naeem Khan and Mary Katranzou’s runway shows. They pair well with sleek, simple and elegant makeup, as well as bolder styles with deep smoky eyes, statement eyeliners, coloured mascaras and vibrant burgundy lips.

How to achieve this look? Use a combination of products to get a fuller texture and richer shades. A good gel will add volume, a pencil will give you the definition and pomades and brow shadows will bring on the colour. Microblading is the perfect choice too, because you will achieve the feathered look without having to use so many products!

Au Naturel

This season, a groomed natural look is going to be one of the key makeup trends, and brows are not excluded. Embrace the new no-makeup makeup look! But don’t be fooled ladies, because it does actually involve using your makeup. Instead of overdoing it with bronzers, liners, matte lipsticks and brow tints, keep it streamlined with just a few key products. Enhance your natural features, take it easy with the contouring and opt for natural shades. The brows should have that slightly messy effect like you have just woken up. Natural brows were seen at Michael Kors, J. W. Anderson, Givenchy and Balmain shows.

How to achieve this look? Use your brush and comb the brows outwards to get that boyish, undone look. To hold them in place, you can also use a gel and then add a splash of colour with a light layer of brow shadow or brow pomade. The trick is to make them look completely natural, as the effect should be like you haven’t used any product at all.

The Rihanna Effect

And if you are tired of grooming, texturing and tattooing your brows, you can shave them off and try the new RiRi brow trend. Or be a little more creative than that! Think beyond her pencil-drawn arches and search for inspiration in movies from the jazz era. Flapper style icons such as Anna May Wong, Clara Bow and Merle Oberon wore thin eyebrows too and they looked ever so stylish!

How to achieve this look? The key is to determine the shape that will accentuate your eyes and complement your face shape. Then you can choose a method that suits you the most, whether it is plucking, threading, microblading or some other technique.

Fall/winter eyebrow trends

Microblading + Powder Brow

The most fashionable type of eyebrow embellishment right now is a powerful combo of microblading and powder brow. It works so well because it blends together two different techniques to give you a flawless natural look that lasts longer. You will get a fuller texture with feather-like strokes and a richer, more permanent colour. It is the perfect way to achieve trendy runway eyebrows this season. Contour by Sherise specialises in combining the two techniques and delivers the ultimate natural look that is so easy to maintain.

How to achieve this look? Microblading is applied with a manual hand tool which your beautician utilises to draw a pattern that resembles real hair. Powder brow is a more traditional method of cosmetic tattooing and the pigment penetrates deeper into your skin tissue.

The Coolest New Products to Try This Season

Nothing is more exciting than buying new beauty products in fall and winter! And because your brows deserve to be pampered, you should treat them with something new. Those trendy looks, especially rich textures and natural-looking bushy brows require a bit more grooming. Sharp lines drawn with pencils and perfect arches are not so fashionable anymore, so add some new gear to your ensemble of eyebrow tools.

Coloured or clear gels are great for texture, but you will also need some great brushes for the combing action. And to add colour and definition, get a hold of those fabulous brow shadows, brow mascaras and brow creams. Some products are specially designed to add volume with micro-fibres or simply to lift your brows and make them appear longer and fuller.

And if there is one new brow makeup trend you should consider, then it is that fantastic ombre effect which can be achieved by blending two different shades. Start with a lighter hue at the front of your brow and finish off with a darker colour for the tail. To finish off the look, you will need a dab of a highlighter to accentuate your brow bone.

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