A dab of SPF cream, a splash of clear eyebrow gel and you are ready for the beach! Follow these simple steps and you will have brows to die for this summer!

Summertime is a time for sun and fun, swimming in the sea and pool parties! Everyone wants to enjoy the glorious weather and the great outdoors, so you don’t want the hassle of a complicated beauty and makeup routine, especially during your holiday. How to make your life easier in the summer? Think low maintenance everything, from your haircut and manicure to your eyebrows! Having semi-permanent brows is the ideal solution for the holiday season, because they are so easy to maintain. But how to make sure they look top-notch despite the sizzling summer heat? These useful tips will help you keep them flawless at all times, regardless of the UV index!

Let those Eyebrows be Your Key Beach Accessory!

The key to a fabulous beauty look for the beach is wearing little or no make-up. You may throw on a light coat of a waterproof mascara, a dab of lip gloss in a juicy coral shade and just a sprinkle of your favourite highlighter, but the focus will actually be on your brows! They will frame your eyes, give definition to your face and make you look fresher, younger and more groomed. It is really worth investing in semi-permanent brows before your summer holiday (or perhaps your honeymoon) because you don’t need a drop of makeup to look gorgeous! Not to mention that sweating can’t harm them in the slightest! And as they should seem natural, it is essential to choose the right style. The combination of microblading and powder brow is just ideal, because you get both the feathered look and a rich, long-lasting colour. Contour by Sherise uses her own combined technique specially designed to give you that natural look that won’t fade away, even if you spend hours in the sun.

Your Summer Eyebrow Must-Haves

Which eyebrow essentials to pack for your holiday? There are just a few things you’ll need and we promise they will fit into any suitcase! Make sure to bring tweezers, because you might need to do some occasional plucking here and there. And because you don’t really want any heavy eyebrow make-up for the beach, all you need is something to keep them tamed. Bring an angled brush, so that you can keep the hairs from falling and a killer eyebrow styling gel that will hold everything in place. And if you want to add a bit of drama for the evening look, you can use an eyebrow pomade, a brow corrector or a fine felt tip pen. When shopping for your summer brow products, remember to look for smudge-proof and water-proof products, because the sun, sweat and salty or chlorinated water won’t do any harm to them!

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How to Protect Your Brows from the Sun?

Sun protection is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you try to picture your summer holiday. We all know that having a high-quality sunscreen is a must for both face and body, but let’s not forget lips and brows, because they can burn too! If you have semi-permanent brows, your colour can start fading away if you are planning to spend a lot of time in the sun. To prevent all this from happening, make sure to use SPF to protect your brows every day, especially if you love to sunbathe for hours. A light layer of SPF 30 is just enough for your brows, but you may want a stronger factor and larger amount of product for the rest of your face. Another great tip: make it a habit to wear a summer hat to protect your brows while you are sailing or walking to and from the beach. It isn’t healthy to stay in the sun for hours anyway, so spend some time in the shade too and your brows will be safe and sound. And remember that you need a sun protection factor even if you are going to the mountains!

How to Cope with Sunburn?

And if you get sunburn, don’t panic! There are many different products you can use to ease the pain and heal your gorgeous brows. It is always best to be prepared and act fast, so bring a sunburn treatment with you just in case you need it. Aloe vera gel is your ultimate solution as it is soothing and helps you heal sunburn really fast. You can purchase many different products that contain aloe vera, such as lotions, creams, sprays and even bath products. Looking for instant relief? Cool your face with ice cubes or put a damp towel on your face. This will reduce the pain and you won’t feel any discomfort for a while. Or buy a cooling face mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. The oldest home-made cure is white vinegar, but you can also use cider, lavender oil, bags of black tea (freshly brewed and cooled) or witch hazel which will also provide quick relief. Anything that works well for your face will be suitable for your eyebrows too!

Your Eyebrow Routine after Swimming

Will you be swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool this summer? Perhaps both? Salted and chlorinated water can be harsh on your skin and make it dry. If you have semi-permanent eyebrows, too much swimming and lack of moisturiser can even lead to discolouration. It is highly recommendable to cleanse and hydrate your face after swimming. How to treat your eyebrows? Wash them to remove the salt or chlorine from your skin and apply a moisturising balm or cream to keep them hydrated and prevent dehydration. You may also need to apply a layer of moisturiser just before bedtime, as your skin absorbs products while you are sleeping and looks rejuvenated when you wake up.

With these simple guidelines in mind, it will much easier to get ready for your summer holiday. Pack all those brow essentials and enjoy sun and water stress-free!

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