From eyebrow embroidery and microblading to jewelled brows and a boyish, natural look, here are the coolest new trends you can try right now!

You want to do something with your eyebrows and try something completely new, but you are not sure what’s fashionable at the moment? There is a myriad of great new products and countless new styles to try, but basically, there are two different routes you can take. You can either strip your eyebrows down and try a more natural look or go for something really dramatic like glueing shiny embellishments to them. Need ideas? Here is what celebrities and influencers have been sporting lately:

Natural Look

Over the past several years, bold, geometric and filled-in brows have been oh-so-fashionable and everyone has been wearing them. The natural look wasn’t the centre of attention at all, but it is all about to change. We are now seeing a big shift of focus and brand new trends emerging. When it comes to eyebrows, it is never one-size-fits-all and the same style can’t look good on everyone. Forget about the uniformed look and embrace a more personalised approach to grooming. The aim is to achieve a more natural look, and this means using fewer products, choosing softer colours and forming less dramatic shapes.

Boy Brows

And when we say natural, we mean natural! How about laid-back boyish eyebrows? The idea is to look like you didn’t put in any effort and haven’t used any products. How to achieve this trendy look? Set your brows free, but give them just a bit of shaping and trimming. Style them to look like you haven’t done anything at all. No arches and no obsessive usage of brow make-up! Polish the shape by threading your brows and use a translucent gel to add definition. Additionally, you can use pencil or brow shades, but do it moderately because you don’t want to spoil that natural feel!

Textured Look

A textured brow is one of the top trends right now. The style has been embraced by many celebrities including Margot Robbie, Hailee Steinfeld and Zoe Kravitz who have been sporting it at leading red carpet events. The definition of this look? Smooth, natural-looking brows with added volume and texture! How to do it? Use a very sharp pencil to fill in the brows with fine, feathery strokes. It is just like microblading but without the needles! The finishing touch is, of course, the clear gel which you can use in generous amounts to add a rich, textured feel to the surface. Another way to do it is to use products which can instantly boost volume & texture until you get those gorgeous Cara Delevingne-style bushy brows.

Straight Lines

This looks involves bold & filled-in or perfectly natural (and slightly boyish) straight brows without any arch at all. The trend is already very powerful and it is getting bigger. It has been popular in Korea, which has been dictating makeup trends for quite some time now. Did you know they invented BB creams, quirky face masks and lip & cheek tints? However, this style of brow doesn’t look good on everyone, so avoid it if you have a square or diamond-shaped face. And if your face is long and oval-shaped, this brow type will definitely look good on you. It can definitely make your face appear shorter!


Soft Arches

Eyebrows featuring soft arches are a must-have for most millennial girls! It is the fashionable look you will see the biggest influencers wearing! Just like straight brows, this isn’t exactly a new trend, but rather the most prevalent one. Where to place the arch? If you draw a straight, diagonal line from the middle of your nostril to the outside of the iris, you will find the best spot for the tip of your arch. And rather than making it sharp and pointy, opt for a softer, curvier line, as it looks much more natural. Cosmeticians and make-up artists have been perfecting this shape for years now and it is finally looking impeccable!

High Arches

Depending on the shape of your face, you might want to alter the previous look to accentuate your best features, and create the desired symmetry. This is why some girls prefer the high arch! It is just a little bit pointier and higher, to complement a round or a square-shaped face. It elongates your face and looks chic!

Light Hair, Dark Brows

Another big trend that has been prevalent for quite a while now is the famed Marilyn Monroe look: blond hair + massive dark brows! The trick is to create a powerful contrast that is bold and eye-catching. But this disparity can look cool only if you find the best possible shape for your face, so be careful ladies! For your first makeover, let the expert do it for you. You want to make sure you look flawless with this look, so no mistakes are allowed.

Eyebrow Embroidery

And because taming, grooming and dying your brows every day can be incredibly time-consuming, semi-permanent brows have taken over the world! This technique is also known as microblading or eyebrow embroidery, because it creates a delicate, textured look with feather-like strokes. Combine microblading with powder brow, and you will get the perfect shape, ideal colour and a long-lasting effect! Contour by Sherise specialises in mixing these techniques to achieve wonderfully natural brows! Having worked in salons with semi-permanent brows for 7 years, Sherise has created her unique method and signature style which is on-trend right now.

Jewelled Eyebrows

Eyebrow embroidery is the perfect option to achieve stylish brows that will last for up to a year. But for those special occasions when you want to look super glamorous, you can try adding something extra. There is a fabulous new trend emerging on Instagram and it is called jewelled brows. This look is great for parties, festivals and photo shoots! How to do it? Use wearable glitter and shiny jewels to embellish your brows. How to secure them in place? You can use eyelash glue which is powerful enough to hold them in place.

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